Top 5 Reasons to Dress Your Dog & Pet

Only humans essentially have to wear clothes to cover their nakedness. No other animal is expected to wear clothes as they neither feel the shame of being unclad in public nor have any intentions of attending the Oscars in amazing clothes.

Again, in comparison to humans, dogs appear to be more naturally protected from harsh weather. Their fur not only serve as a protective cover from the vagaries of weather; but help improve their overall beauty.

Nonetheless,your dog needs clothes for a number of reasons and we will see some of these reasons below.

  1. Your Dog Deserves a Personality

Most people have a dog, but not everyone has a dog with a personality. Do not let your dog run around the neighborhood naked, dirty and bland. You need to give it a sense of identity, and clothes have a powerful way of doing that. With the right costumes (clothes), you can turn your regular dog into a gangster dog, a corporate dog, a doctor dog, a yoga dog or even a dogy US marine!

  1. Your Dog Can Promote Your Brand

People love dogs just as much as dogs love people. Why not further promote your brand by leveraging on people’s love for dogs. If you are a professional jester or a standup comedian, it makes perfect sense to dress your dog in hilarious costumes. Take it with you wherever you go – if convenient – and watch your brand grow with some doggy swag.

  1. Get Matching Outfits

Taking your dog to a veterinary doctor every time it gets ill is a great way of showing care for your four-leg friend. However, one of the best ways to show how much you love your dog is to get matching outfits with it. Show your canine friend that you are proud of it as it is proud of you.

  1. The Weather Gets Crazy Sometimes

Don’t let a dog’s thick fur deceive you. They get pretty cold too especially in the winter. Puppies are particularly more vulnerable to cold in low temperatures. So do well to get them some thick clothes to keep them warm immediately after bathing them.Again, certain dog apparels can help them stay afloat in the event of flooding.


  1. There is a Dress for Every Season

This one pretty much explains itself. Valentine’s Day, Veterans’ Day, July 4th, Halloween and Christmas, all come with different flavors which appropriate clothing can help exude. You can agree with me that your dog is better swagged up in a red and white outfit on Christmas day than just its bare skin.



If you’re a single guy, pay attention to the advice which follows this.When you dress up your dog to look cool – in addition to taking good care of it overall – you create a good impression before women. This is because these ladies often rationalize that a man who loves and treats his pets well would certainly treat them well.

In the end, you don’t need just another dog. You need a dog with swag!

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