Airbrush Kit with Compressor, Portable Cordless Air Brush Gun Set for Painting 30PSI Gravity Fee...

Airbrush Kit with Compressor, Portable Cordless Air Brush Gun Set for Painting 30PSI Gravity Fee...

Airbrush Kit with Compressor, Portable Cordless Air Brush Gun Set for Painting 30PSI Gravity Fee...

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Cordless Airbrush Kit with Compressor: Without tangled cables! You can use this mini air brush almost anywhere. The rechargeable battery allows to work continuously 60+ mins and supports charging with the USB socket, such as power bank, adapter, laptop, and power strip. Note: It is recommended to use a 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter, please don't use the adapter exceed 5V 2A.
3 Air Pressures Up to 30 PSI: The higher pressure is capable of delivering a heavier coating more rapidly over a wide area. This airbrush gun has 3 air pressures(18psi, 25psi, and 30psi). Ideal for painting models, crafts, cake decorating, auto graphics, temporary tattoos, fine art, nail art, and more!
Greater Control: It is a special "dual action airbrush", which is different from the traditional double action airbrush. You can turn on and adjust different air pressures by pressing the on/off button. Then you can adjust the amount of paint by sliding back on the trigger. The internal mix offers the most consistent, smooth result because the atomization of the paint is better with this method. This gives you a well-balanced distribution of paint, which will allow for greater control.
0.3mm Fluid Tip: This gravity feed airbrush with 0.3mm needle and nozzle combination allows for finer control of paint flow and less overspray, which increases your ability to produce detailed work and doesn't waste a lot of paint. It supports spraying any properly reduced paint or airbrush-ready media.
Easy to Clean: This airbrush painting kit comes with 3 different capacity paint cups(10CC, 20CC, and 40CC) and 5 cleaning brushes. The unique funnel shape allows for the efficient flow of paint and also for easy cleaning with the brushes, which makes it the best tool for beginners and experienced painters.
Product Description
What Can You Do with an Airbrush?

An air brush is an air-operated tool that sprays various media. You can use the air brushes to create a wide variety of artistic works on nails, models, cake, food, T-shirts, canvas and a multitude of other surfaces. They work in watercolor and other paints, in dyes and inks and even in makeup foundation.


Max Input: DC 5V/2A (Recommended to use a 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter)
Nozzle size: 0.3mm
Airbrush Weight: 0.57lb (260g)
Air pressure: 18psi/25psi/30psi
Cup capacity: 10CC/20CC/40CC
Working time: 60+ mins
Battery capacity: 750mAh 7.4V(approx. 1.5h charge time)

Note: The package doesn't include the adapter. It is recommended to use a 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter, please don't use the adapter exceed 5V 2A. And the fast charging interface cannot be used.

Why Choose fehrominger Cordless Airbrush Kit with Compressor?

Cordless operation - Never have to focus on a cord.
3 Air Pressure Levels - Up to 30psi. Meet your needs for different air pressures.
Internal Mix - A well-balanced distribution of paint.
Gravity Feed - Actuate air by depressing the on/off button. The paint is drawn down by gravity into the barrel of the airbrush. Then adjust the color by rocking the trigger back and forth.
3 different sizes Interchangeable cups for better paint flow and easy clean-up after all your application.

What’s Included in this Mini Airbrush Kit?

1 x Cordless compressor

1 x Airbrush gun

1 x 10CC metal cup

1 x 20CC plastic cup

1 x 40CC plastic cup

5 x Cleaning brushes

1 x Dropper

1 x Type-C charging cable

1 x User manual

What paint can be used in an airbrush?

If you follow these two rules you can use any of the following paints in your airbrush

Any paint that has a skim milk consistency or thinner, and there aren’t particles in the paint that could clog the airbrush. (Beware of metallics). If the paint is too thick, please use water or thinner to thin it. Or it may clog the airbrush.
Clean out your airbrush immediately after every use and DO NOT let the paint dry in any of the parts.

Airbrush Paint
Leather Paint (If the paint is too thick, please thin it.)
Acrylic Paint (Beware of metallics, they often have particles that will not work well in an airbrush.)
Watercolors (thin with distilled water, and always check the consistency when diluting paint)
Inks (watch out for metallics, don't recommend metallic inks)
Oil Paint (can be thinned with mineral spirits. )
Enamel Paint (cleaning it properly immediately after you use it.)
Food Coloring( If your airbrush has ever been used for anything other than food grade dyes, do not use it for anything edible.)

0.3mm needle & nozzle combination

3 Air Pressure Levels

Gravity Feed & Internal Mix

Interchangeable Cups

1. Add water, alcohol or cleaning fluid to the fluid cup and spray it.

2. Try back flushing. Cover the nozzle with finger or a paper towel and press down slightly on the trigger. This helps clean the narrow chamber around the needle.

Please Note:

1. Please test the airbrush with water before use to make sure the airbrush is not clogged.

2. When finishing the spraying work or have to stop for more than 10 minutes, please use the cleaning brush to clean the airbrush cavity, nozzle, and fluid cup thoroughly in time.

3. After 30 minutes of continuous use, the air compressor should be turned off for a few minutes to cool down.

4. Don't soak your airbrush. Even though it might sound like a simple cleaning solution, doing so will actually damage the more sensitive parts of the tool.

5. Please use water-based makeup foundations instead of oil-based makeup foundations, you need to use makeup foundations made for airbrushes otherwise it will clog the nozzle.

6. Please do not use the airbrush when charging.

7. If the trigger starts to feel sticky, use one of the special lubricants that are specifically designed for airbrushes.

8. If the airbrush can't spray liquid, it may be because the fluid control knob is too tight or the nozzle is blocked. Please try to adjust the fluid control knob or clean the nozzle with alcohol or detergent.

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