【400 Pcs】 Glow in The Dark Rocks,Glowing Stones Garden Glow in The Dark Pebbles Outdoor Decorati...

【400 Pcs】 Glow in The Dark Rocks,Glowing Stones Garden Glow in The Dark Pebbles Outdoor Decorati...

【400 Pcs】 Glow in The Dark Rocks,Glowing Stones Garden Glow in The Dark Pebbles Outdoor Decorati...

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Glow in The Dark Pebbles: The glowing pebbles can glow up to 6 hours at night after absorbing enough sunlight or other light sources. The intensity of the glow will continue to dissipate over this time. Put these blue stones wherever you want, they will automatically glow in the dark. Please radiate them again if they are not bright enough.
Environmental and Durable: Made of natural and non-radioactive resin, the glowing stones can be non-toxic and odorless. The fine workmanship provides smooth surface of pebbles without sharp edges, suitable for outdoor, fish tank, fairy garden, mason jar, pathway, yard garden decoration, aquarium decoration.
Perfect for Decorations: The pebbles with gloomy lights in the dark like blue diamonds will be a perfect decoration to any scenes. Whether you’re brightening up your fish tank or illuminating an outdoor walkway, these pebbles are sure to provide the glow you are looking for.
Simple to Use: Let the stones absorb enough sunlight or artificial light at least for 15 minutes, and then pave them along the pathway. The stones will emit brilliant glow at night and transform your garden into a beautiful and dreamy landscape. Glow in the dark stones for walkways plants.
Note: For better glowing effect, please don’t scatter these garden pebbles randomly but place them together and the lighting time will be extended. The glowing stone comes gentle light and will hard to notice if in the ambient light. Well note that the pebbles are so small enough to be a choking hazard for children.
Product Description

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Would like your garden to stand out of your neighbor's? These glow in the dark pebbles may be your best choice!

Whatever you would like to add some color to your garden patch this spring, or decorate the backyard for a romantic party in Christmas/Valentine/Wedding holiday.

These glow stones are ideal for waterscape, landscape, potted plants. Lighting a pathway, driveway, flower bed, fish tank aquarium, or garden.

Warm Tips

1.The glowing rocks won't glow all night. Please do not to spread them scatteredly.

2. The glow stones should better be placed together and the lighting time will be extended.

3. Please keep these stones away from children to avoid danger of suffocation.

4. Please irradiate glow pebbles again if they don't glow or bright enough.


You can see how differences are these stones in daylight or darkness.

These stones can glow BRIGHT after fully charged for 2 hours in the sun or bright indoor light.

The glow stones won't glow all night. The longer time exposed, the brighter they will be.

Garden Decorations as well as Patio Decoration

Please keep the glow in the dark gravel away from children to avoid danger of suffocation.

You can put these stones anywhere you want, it is very easy to add a neat night feature to any scenes.

There is no sharp edge with nice workmanship and polish.The glow stones are perfect for walkway, pathway or driveway

Glow in the dark pebbles

These are more than glowing stones.

Aquarium Fish Tank Deco

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Make glowing bracelets

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