15 Stage Shower Water Filter Universal-Remo

15 Stage Shower Water Filter Universal-Remo

15 Stage Shower Water Filter Universal-Remo

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Inkcredible Filters Shower
Filter, 15 Stage High Output Universal Shower Head Filter for HardWater softener with Vitamin C and Replacement Cartridge - RemovesChlorine, Fluoride - Improves Skin, Hair, Nails SPECIFICATIONS Material: High quality multi-stage filter medium Size: 83 mm*83 mm* 120 mm Connector: 1” thread Color: Chrome Inlet water: Municipal water Temperature: 5-80 °C Pressure: 0.07 MPa-0.4 MPa Capacity: 13000 Gallon Lifetime: 4-6 months—depending on your water quality HOW DOES THE MULTI-STAGE SHOWER FILTER WORK? 1-2
Stage - High density stainless steel mesh and PP cotton: The two-stagepre filter as a protection filter, remove sediment, rust, dirt
3 Stage - KDF 55: reduce heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, iron, etc.), chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.
4 Stage - Calcium Sulfite: remove residual chlorine from water.
5 Stage - Coconut Activated Carbon: remove chlorine, bad tastes &odors
6 Stage - Bacteriostat Balls: inhibit bacterium growth and algae growth
7 Stage - Negative Ion Balls: adjust ion balance
8 Stage - Medical Stone: rich in trace elements, improve water quality
9 Stage - Mineralized Balls: rich in trace elements, better for your health
10 Stage - Magnetic Energy Balls: remove water hardness.
11 Stage - Vitamin C Balls: provide additional nutrients for your skin and hair.
12 Stage - Alkaline Ceramic Balls: regulate the pH of water to alkalescence.
13-15 Stage - High density stainless steel mesh, PP cotton and ultrafine mesh: The three stages filters as protection filters and finalfilter EASY INSTALLATION ——No professional tools are required 1. Flush the shower filter under cold water before first use. 2. Wrap the Teflon tape on both connector of shower filter and shower arm tightly. 3. Put O-ring on both side of shower filter. 4. Twist on shower filter and shower head tightly. Effective and Healthy Our
15 stage shower filter chlorine removal and fluoride effect is moreobvious, alkaline ball can better soften the water quality. On the basis
of the original removal of harmful substances in hard water, vitamin Ccan protect skin effectively for a long time, provide nutrition for skin
and hair. Premium Care Purified
water activates your skin, increases the oxygen content in your bloodand impurities, quickly relieves fatigue, slows down aging and makesyour skin smooth.perfect for young women and baby’s skin. A rejuvenating cascade Our
vitamin C shower filter has a layer of microbeads to help replenish the
skin and hair. Aside from vitamin C, our showerhead filters alsocontain microbead layers of porous cotton, magnetic stone, purifyingrock and activated carbon.

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