Nursery Play Room Toddler Climber and Slide Activity Set

Nursery Play Room Toddler Climber and Slide Activity Set

Nursery Play Room Toddler Climber and Slide Activity Set

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About this item
This Kids†sport-themed activity set has it all, designed for tons of fun physical play with a bonus in gross motor skill development. Great for social play, this climber is ideal for playdates with multiple kids to play together!
Shoot some hoops, play a round of soccer, and get active with the slide in between. The clickable knobs under the basketball hoop are a convenient way to keep score for your team
Kids can use the climber setâ€s ladder with molded-in grips to climb onto the platform – and make a slam dunk from the top! Take turns going down the slide, and climb up all over again!
The crawl space under the platform doubles as a soccer goal and crawling tunnel. It can also be an outdoor toy storage solution and a great new spot for hide-and-seek!
Go outside and get active! Ideal for engaging social play with multiple children, the spacious design of this climber has many ways to play. Shoot hoops with the built-in basket and included ball, keeping score with convenient clickable knobs on the side. Play a game of kickball or soccer with the crawlspace under the platform which doubles as a soccer goal too! Little athletes can also take turns climbing onto the platform using the ladder and molded-in grips on either side, then take the slide back down to turn around and climb all over again! Made in USA of US and imported parts.
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Why We Love the Game Time Sports Climber

Easy Climb Stairs

Climber features easy climb stairs for quick entry to the sports platform!

Kid's Basketball Hoop

Slam Dunk! Pretend your a basketball pro with the attached basketball hoop and score center.

Crawl-thru Space

Use the crawl-thru space to make a quick getaway during a friendly game of tag!

Smooth Play Slide

Large, smooth play slide allows little ones a quick ride down from the sports climber platform.

Why Play with Climber Toys?

Physical + Motor Skills

Climbing activates both upper and lower body strength, and helps build fine motor skills with the gripping motion.

Plus, the excitement of being outside and running around a playset does a kid’s body good!

Critical Thinking

With each movement, kids have to evaluate where they are and where they should reach or step next. And, each climbing “route” is a new challenge kids need to overcome.

Language + Social Skills

Climbers are great for many kids to play together with the open design. When kids play together, they communicate with each other as they take turns. They also learn critical skills like patience and sharing, and new words like “step”, “climb”, and “slide”.

Creativity + Role Play

Getting outside to play breaks their usual routine, allowing them to open their imaginations. Playing together helps kids to work out storylines and learn to improvise based on what someone does or says.

Play Together!

Challenge a friend to shoot hoops -- First one to 10 tosses through the basket wins! Then, try again with teams of two or three.
Dunk Time: A great game for two, one child climbs up onto the platform while the other stays on the ground with the ball. Toss the ball up to your friend, who can dunk the ball into the hoop! Retrieve the ball and toss it back up again to continue dunking for a set time period like 3 or 5 minutes, counting together as each dunk is scored. Then, switch roles! At the end of time, total how many dunks the team had and try to beat the score next time.
Soccer Goal: Stand on either side of the climber, one child by the score keeper and the other on the opposite side with the ball. Kick the ball through the goal, and keep score with the knobs. Toss the ball back through the tunnel to the other side, ready to be kicked again. Once 10 goals have been scored, switch sides and start again! For advanced play, put a time limit on how long goals can be scored.

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