Real Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Real Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Real Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

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Buying in our etsy shop means you read and accept our shop policy, terms and conditions.SHEEPSKIN TYPE: Natural Icelandic SheepskinBEST QUALITY – The sheepskins we sell come from a family tannery, where the focus is on quality,not quantity and that is why we would like to offer you the highest quality, solidly hand-made,beautiful and fluffy sheepskins that will perfectly enrich the interior of your home.MEDICINAL PROPERTIES – Sheepskins are saturated with large quantities of valuable lanolin.Sheepskins are child and infant friendly and have hypoallergenic properties. Sheepskins can be usedfor runny nose, pressure sores, bedsores, inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis and sleep problems.They have antibacterial properties, they neutralize harmful chemical compounds, the smell ofcigarettes, and they protect against harmful electromagnetic waves.LUXURY DECORATION – Sheepskins as decoration have been known for centuries. Now, they arefound in modern interiors and big-city apartments. Their versatility makes them suitable for manystyles. They warm up wide and cold, industrial style spaces. Sheepskins also appeal to minimalists, asthey perfectly fill the space and replace furniture and traditional textiles. They are usually displayedon chairs, armchairs and couch but also look great on stairs or on the floor in front of a fireplace.HOW TO TAKE CARE OF SHEEPSKINS: Sheepskins are naturally resistant to dirt but in order tomaintain their beautiful appearance, they need to be properly cared for. First of all, they should beregularly shaken and aired, as the skin absorbs odors. In order for the hair to maintain its structure,the sheepskin should be brushed regularly, e.g. with a dog brush.We do not recommend washing sheepskins in a washing machine.SHIPPING:EXPRESS SHIPPING!!!! Delivery time all over the world approximately 2 - 4 business daysMEASUREMENTS - MEASUREMENT CAN BE SLIGHTLY DIFFEREN -5 OR +5 CM TO SINGLE SHEEPSKINS AND -10CM OR + 10 CM TO SEWN SHEEPSKINS SIZE APPROX:S - 100cm x 60cmM - 110cm x 70cmL- 120cm x 75cmThe sheepskins are measured at the longest and widest point on the fur. Fur up to 15cm_____________________________________Our Sheepskins are from rare breeds retaining their original markingsOur product are:HANDMADE IN EU✓BEST QUALITY AVALIABLE ✓100% NATURAL ✓UNIQUE ✓LUXURIOUS ✓A+++ QUALITY✓NATURAL SHAPE✓THICK / LONG FUR✓SUPER SOFT FUR✓*************************************************We are family with a long tradition and experience. Efficient use of natural treasure is our priority and a skill learned from our grandparents and their parents from ages.We are living in mountains surrounded by beautiful forests and meadows in a wooden home where everyone feels the warmth of the hearth.Animal breeding it’s a pleasure for the entire household. We take care of our animals, we do the best for them. We want them to feel the nature. We pasture them and milk them. We love them.Our products are Natural and Traditional.By offering you my products i want you to feel the same what im feeling:the same taste and smell of nature.Our product will take you to the world of a nature,to the forest where you can hear the rustle of trees,the tweeting of the birds, when you can smell the herbs and corn,......slow down......sit on a stone and immerse your leg in mountain stream,jump in the hay or lay on the grass watching view of a paradise.If you feel tired or down lay on our sheepskin, remind yourself your childhood when you were running on meadow picking up the fowers for your mother, feel the softness of the fur and smell of the nature. *************Why sheepskin rugs?*****************-Sheep's fleece effectively neutralize the harmful substances in the air in confined areas and they are excellent natural biofilter,-It also reduces intense and harmful smell of cigarettes.-Rugs and blankets from sheep's wool and leather equalize the temperature in the room, absorb negative acting.-Lanolin is the precious oily secretion of a sheep's skin and has many valuable properties.Lanolin is natural antibacterial moisturiser, which is highly compatible with human skin because it is derived from an animals.-Medical Sheepskin properties provide improved comfort for the patient and reduction in the primary causes of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers:• Pressure• Friction• Skin Moisture• ShearYou should be surrounded by the nature, by our natural rugs and sheepskin goods.You must have it at your home:)See, it looks perfect in your living room, on a floor or a sofa put it next to the fireplace, Our unique sheepskins makes a beautiful gift for yourself, your family or friend.Sheepskin rugs are ideal as a wedding gifts, yoga, natural sleeping area for a new baby, you can throw it over a chair, baby-carriage, baby car seat for added comfort.Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.FROM 01.01.2021 IMPORT TAXES APPLY ALSO IN UNITED KINGDOM

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